Useful Tips for a Small Bathroom

This is not so hard to create perfect interior in a bathroom. You just have to think over what you really want and understand what results certain design idea can give. After you decide to rearrange your small bathroom define what details must take a leading place. Start layout with defining where the most necessary details should be. These elements are: a bath, wash basin, toilet (if it is present in your bathroom).

Communication lines must be situated between a wall and fitments. Tile will help you hide pipes. A big mirror must always be present in a small bathroom, since it helps make the room bigger visually. Tile that covers walls must be of light or pastel shades. Different colors are possible, even bright and dark ones (they will help you make the space a little more luxurious), but light shades must prevail. The ceiling can be mirror-like, highlighted or made of stained glass.

Unique small bathroom ideas are always possible. A small bathroom will be perfect for an attic room. Thus, you will have a chance to watch stars when having a bath. A window is one of the most stylish accessories in small bathroom design. A window can be real or false. It can be decorated with flowers or impression can be created as if the moon is watching inside.

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