Unusual Staircases Inside of Apartments and Houses

Stylish Custom Spiral Staircase
Handmade Custom Spiral StaircaseCustom Spiral Staircase in Victorian StyleModern Custom Spiral StaircaseSolid Wood Custom Spiral Staircase

Internal staircases are unusually flexible interior elements. Various materials are used for their construction: from wood to triplex, from plastic to bricks. There are a lot of kinds of staircases. If you think it […]

Spiral Staircase: Pros and Cons

Stylish Exterior Spiral Staircase
Exterior Spiral Staircase Country StyleInteractive Exterior Spiral StaircaseBlack Exterior Spiral StaircaseStandard Exterior Spiral Staircase

A wooden spiral staircase can be really considered a pattern of elegance and beauty. Such a staircase also solves a range of composition and construction problems. It not only connects the floors of your […]

Choosing Rod Iron Stair Railing Correctly

Rod Iron Stair Railing Remodeling
Easy Rod Iron Stair RailingForged Rod Iron Stair RailingRod Iron Stair Railing IdeaCharming Rod Iron Stair Railing

There are a lot of opportunities for stair decorating. While making staircase railings of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and even precious stones can be used. What style can rod iron stair railing have? If […]

Stair Railing As a Very Important Element

Staircase Railings Decor
Black Staircase RailingsSteel and Glass Staircase RailingsUnique Staircase RailingsCarved Staircase Railings

Staircase railings mean really much, even if… they are absent. Nowadays there are a lot of stair railing designs. The style of the railing depends on the style of your house, a staircase itself, […]

Staircase Window Peculiarities

Simple Staircase Window Design
Inspiring Staircase Window DesignModern Staircase Window DesignStaircase Window Design Outside ViewMetal Staircase Window Design

Staircase window design, especially when your window is panoramic, makes your house lighter during the day. Besides, walking a staircase turns out to be entertainment when you have a magnificent view behind the window. […]

Iron Spiral Staircase as a Nice Tradition

Iron Spiral Staircase DesignCast Iron Spiral StaircaseUnique Iron Spiral StaircaseIron Spiral Staircase Decor

We are sure that when one is thinking of a traditional spiral staircase, iron spiral staircase comes to his or her mind. Iron staircase is considered to be a predecessor of modern metal staircase. […]

Durable and Modern-Looking Staircase? This Is Steel Staircase!

Steel Spiral Staircase With Wooden Stairs
Spiral Staircase With Steel RailingsSteel Spiral Staircase With Wooden StairsSteel Spiral Staircase IdeaSteel Spiral Staircase Design

Steel spiral stairs always look exclusively. There are stairs of stainless or mild steel. Stainless still is more expensive than ordinary steel, but it is nice for creating unique staircases. If you would like […]

Glass Stairs Are Always Successful Decision

Easy Glass Staircase
Trendy Glass StaircaseGlass And Metal StaircaseGlass Staircase And WalkwayGlass Staircase With Railings

It is not always easy to construct glass stairs. But nowadays there are a lot of ways how to treat them chemically. Besides, glass staircase can be laminated which always looks nice. Glass spiral […]

Really Modern Spiral Staircase

Modern Spiral Staircase For Stylish Interior
Wide Modern Spiral StaircaseMassive Modern Spiral StaircaseSafe Modern Spiral StaircaseModern Spiral Staircase Decoration

When you are looking at stair, what tells you that it is modern? Of course, this is a taste which was put into its design. It is very nice when a house owner addresses […]

Spiral Staircase for Your and Your Guests’ Inspiration

Wooden Spiral Staircase
DIY Spiral StaircaseGlass Spiral StaircaseFuturistic Spiral StaircaseSpiral Staircase Vintage Style

It often happens that house owners do not pay their attention to such an element as staircase. Or they pay attention to it, but do not try to decorate it in the most beautiful […]