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Art Deco Interior Design for Living Room

Art Deco is a style that appeared as a result of combination of many other styles: Indian exotic, Empire style, Indian exotics, African motifs and Egyptian art. It originated in the 30s of the 20 century in the countries of America and Western Europe. Art Deco received its name style, as a tribute to the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts that was held in Paris in 1925. Art deco interior design entirely consists of “streamlined” furniture with chrome, sculptures of female statues in the most unnatural poses, wooden handles, and exotic finishing materials: ivory, crocodile or skin of snakes.

The use of a wide variety of decoration elements in the Art Deco style is welcomed: furniture, wood and precious metal products, fabrics and ceramics. The main thing is that they should be bright and matching each other. Summarizing, it is amalgam of various stylish things, ideally harmonizing within the limits of separately taken design of an interior. Art Deco style is an easy, elegant style, that is not overloaded with unnecessary information – everything has its own place and unobtrusively. This is the last stage of the evolution of styles of the Modern period, or a kind of transitional style from Modern to post-war multinational design.

Impressive Art Deco Interior Design

Wall art decor identifies in such a way as to serve only as a background for refined furniture and other attributes of the interior. Therefore Art Deco style almost has no place for wallpaper with a picture. Usually wall is painted in monochromatic color, the adornment of which is only a bright stenciled border with applied geometric figures. One of the most popular drawings on the curb in the 30s is the Egyptian semicircle (a symbol of the rising sun). The use of Art Deco color has a contrasting nature, it is decorated with pastel unobtrusive wall tones and dark colors for furniture. Bright colors are also present in it, but mostly they are located on numerous ornaments. Art Deco style has become widely in demand in our time. Eclecticism, as well as a variety of techniques and forms of this style, allows us to find original solutions for implementation in modern interiors.

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