Fashion Leaves, Style Remains: Classics in Interior Design

Simple Classic Interior Design

Everyone may think that there is nothing easier than to choose an interior style among all the existing styles. Nevertheless, it is a great quantity of designer tricks that can puzzle you, since everything we see is so beautiful that it is difficult to decide sometimes. Of course, each ultramodern style is unique and interesting, but, unfortunately, fleeting. If you want to decorate your house for a term longer than a year or two, classic interior design will be a perfect alternative to any modern design.

A classic in interior does not presuppose accumulations, so, you have to be attentive to details. In addition, professionals have to decide how to match modern domestic appliances with elite centuries-old design. All the appliances are put in special blocks and sliding constructions. Sculptures, pictures, potted plants, and expensive dishes, but not a big LCD TV-set should be visible.

Luxurious Classic Interior Design

In the modern world classical interior is almost identical to luxury that existed in 17th-18th centuries. First of all, these are: spacious and light premises with regular lines, a great number of mirrors making space bigger, pillars, sculpture elements, and a fireplace framed with natural or artificial marble.

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