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The interior of the bedroom is no less important than the design of the rest of the rooms in the house. The contemporary wall décor in the bedroom should have a rest and pleasant, intimate communication. A third of a person’s life passes right here. Nowadays there are a lot of ideas and finishing materials to embody them. Previously, oil paint and whitewashing were the main materials for contemporary wall décor in the bedroom. Today, the choice of paint and varnish materials is extremely large, but oil paint is practically not used due to negative attitude of modern designers. The ideal material for painting walls is acrylic and water-dispersion paints. Practically always matte paint is used, which does not allow the surface to shine excessively.

Often when decorating walls, textured plaster is applied. There is an opinion that it is a dust collector and is difficult to clean. However, the Venetian and structural plasters are so beautiful that it is difficult to resist the temptation to paint the ceiling and walls by them. If you do not like painted walls, you can use fabrics. Currently, designers are advised to use lightweight, airy fabrics, such as linen and cotton. The material is glued to the wall with special glue or pulled on wooden strips.

Metal Contemporary Wall Decor

The most original, aesthetic and unique contemporary wall décor is the artistic painting of your room. This kind of design will revive the bedroom, beautifully fill the free space. You can discover your creativity and acquire an invaluable experience, if you decide to make the contemporary wall décor yourself. A simpler option is to use a stencil. In this way, you can apply almost any picture. There is a huge selection of wallpaper for contemporary wall décor. The price is very low, and the color palette is very diverse. The only drawback is the fragility (will have to be changed every 5 years). With caution, you can use bamboo wallpaper. Also very environmentally friendly material, there are different shades. You can glue the whole room, but it will look especially good if you only decorate a part of the wall.

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