Japanese Interior Design and Its Main Characteristics

Art Japanese Interior Design

Japanese style is a minimalistic decorative style where nothing overloads attention, and space is structured smoothly and understandable. This is one of the most widespread ethnic varieties of minimalism.

Nowadays Oriental culture is very popular on the West. Japan provokes special interest; mysterious original traditions of this state keep up with the times. Japanese interior design won its popularity among another styles due to its functionality, elegance, and style decision unusualness. Japanese design is closely connected with nature materials, colors, and compositions.

Japanese Inspired Interior Design

Japanese style is characterized by perfect color combinations and simple shapes. In a small and overpopulated country space is especially appreciated, so there is a minimum of furniture in houses as well. Japanese people have specific attitude towards nature, this is why Japanese style is associated with nature colors, in light color-grade mostly: the shades of beige, white, creamy. Sober light tones are typical for Japanese furniture too. Furniture and wall surface is smooth. Tissues are creamy and white, mostly natural: cotton and silk. And what is very important, the space for having a rest is situated in the center of the room; this point should also be considered.

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