Unusual Staircases Inside of Apartments and Houses

Custom Spiral Staircase in Victorian Style
Idea for Custom Spiral StaircaseAmazing Custom Spiral StaircaseHow to Make Custom Spiral StaircaseWooden Custom Spiral Staircase

Internal staircases are unusually flexible interior elements. Various materials are used for their construction: from wood to triplex, from plastic to bricks. There are a lot of kinds of staircases. If you think it is high time to add to your house or apartment interior a bit of impudence, pay your attention to potential which is present in a simple and functional staircase. A “floating” staircase will attract everyone’s attention. Instead of usual risers, its […]

Spiral Staircase: Pros and Cons

Outdoor Exterior Spiral Staircase
Exterior Spiral Staircase DesignOutdoor Exterior Spiral StaircaseStylish Exterior Spiral StaircaseIron Exterior Spiral Staircase

A wooden spiral staircase can be really considered a pattern of elegance and beauty. Such a staircase also solves a range of composition and construction problems. It not only connects the floors of your house, but is also a focal point of your interior design without taking too much space. But some people construct such staircases not for space saving, but to prove that the house owner is a wealthy person. Staircase measurement calculation plays […]

Choosing Rod Iron Stair Railing Correctly

Horizontal Rod Iron Stair Railing
Stylish Rod Iron Stair RailingCharming Rod Iron Stair RailingRod Iron Stair Railing RemodelingWrought Rod Iron Stair Railing

There are a lot of opportunities for stair decorating. While making staircase railings of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and even precious stones can be used. What style can rod iron stair railing have? If you are a fan of hi-tech style, strict railings will be perfect for you. They will underline the style of up-to-date facade of both a store and office building or dwelling house. Nowadays rod iron stair railings with floral ornaments are […]

Stair Railing As a Very Important Element

Steel and Glass Staircase Railings
Staircase Railings Country StyleCarved Staircase RailingsSteel and Glass Staircase RailingsStaircase Railings Decor

Staircase railings mean really much, even if… they are absent. Nowadays there are a lot of stair railing designs. The style of the railing depends on the style of your house, a staircase itself, and your personal convenience. This is really true that in many cases railings are just absent. It usually happens in a case when the staircase is made in minimalism style. But what variants of railings design still exist? Railings can be […]

Staircase Window Peculiarities

White Staircase Window Design
Staircase Shaped Window DesignBeautiful Staircase Window DesignSimple Staircase Window DesignMetal Staircase Window Design

Staircase window design, especially when your window is panoramic, makes your house lighter during the day. Besides, walking a staircase turns out to be entertainment when you have a magnificent view behind the window. Though, there is one peculiarity that should be taken into account: when you have a big staircase window, everyone can see what is going on inside of your house. This is not so terrible if you take some measures. First of […]

Make Your House Eco-Friendly

Amazing Green Interior Design
Fascinating Green Interior DesignFantastic Green Interior DesignFresh Green Interior DesignInterior Design With Green Wallpapers

What is green interior design? This means that all building materials and furniture in your house are eco-friendly; they do not make harm to your health and are not toxic at all. Many of us spend great part of our time indoors. We inhale all those toxic substances artificial materials reveal. This is no good, since it can lead to allergy, poor fertility, and even cancer. What components of the interior should be chosen with […]

Small Restroom Is No Problem at All

Small Restroom Decor Designs
Small Restroom Designs IdeaSmall Restroom Decor DesignsModern Small Restroom DesignsSmall Restroom Interior Designs

Even if your restroom is extremely small, you have a chance to do your best to make it seem more spacious and make it convenient. Just use some tricks for small restroom designs and you will see how lucky you are even with such a small restroom. First of all, and, of course, you surely know it, you should use light and soft colors. If you think that pastel shades are too boring, use some […]

Make Your Bedroom Amusing and Bright

Bright Bedroom Wall Painting Decor Idea
Bedroom Wall Flower Painting IdeasBright Bedroom Wall Painting Decor IdeaFresh Bedroom Wall Painting Design IdeaDark Bedroom Wall Painting Idea

If your bedroom is not just a place “to spend a night” for you, if you would like to fill it with life and vividness, you should pay your attention to your walls. Remember that wallpapers can be not just boring wall cover, but also a place where you can show all your imagination. Bedroom wall painting ideas are not limited to stripes. If you still want to have something relatively strict, but interesting at […]

Iron Spiral Staircase as a Nice Tradition

Curved Iron Spiral Staircase
Inexpensive Iron Spiral StaircaseOutdoor Iron Spiral StaircasePainted Iron Spiral StaircaseWrought Iron Spiral Staircase

We are sure that when one is thinking of a traditional spiral staircase, iron spiral staircase comes to his or her mind. Iron staircase is considered to be a predecessor of modern metal staircase. But iron stairs are still one of high-quality stairs which, in addition, are still beautiful and can be unique. First of all, iron staircase belongs to Victorian style. So, if you want to have a part of England in your house, […]

Durable and Modern-Looking Staircase? This Is Steel Staircase!

Spiral Staircase With Steel Railings
Model Of Steel Spiral StaircaseBright Decor Steel Spiral StaircaseSteel Spiral Staircase DesignStylish Staircase With Steel Railings

Steel spiral stairs always look exclusively. There are stairs of stainless or mild steel. Stainless still is more expensive than ordinary steel, but it is nice for creating unique staircases. If you would like to have staircase of a certain look, it is possible to use some other elements except of steel to achieve your goal. Stainless steel for steel spiral staircase has a lot of benefits. First of all, it is durable, hard-wearing, and […]