Spiral Staircase: Pros and Cons

Exterior Spiral Staircase Country Style

A wooden spiral staircase can be really considered a pattern of elegance and beauty. Such a staircase also solves a range of composition and construction problems. It not only connects the floors of your house, but is also a focal point of your interior design without taking too much space. But some people construct such staircases not for space saving, but to prove that the house owner is a wealthy person. Staircase measurement calculation plays a very important part. You have to know who will use the spiral staircase: it is not advisable to walk often and carry heavy things on a staircase less than 1 meter wide. It can be considered to be an additional method of moving from one floor to another, especially it concerns an external spiral staircase.

As a material for spiral staircase steps hard wood, glass, plastic mass, as well as sheet metal are used. Marble and tile are also popular, but this is usually good for an exterior spiral staircase. Handrails are made of hard laminated wood and metal. Sometimes these two materials are combined.

Interactive Exterior Spiral Staircase

Wooden spiral staircase production is a process that requires specific skills and great experience. It is always better to address professionals who know everything about spiral staircase construction and will build the staircase right.

12 Photos of the Spiral Staircase: Pros and Cons

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