Iron Spiral Staircase as a Nice Tradition

Painted Iron Spiral Staircase

We are sure that when one is thinking of a traditional spiral staircase, iron spiral staircase comes to his or her mind. Iron staircase is considered to be a predecessor of modern metal staircase. But iron stairs are still one of high-quality stairs which, in addition, are still beautiful and can be unique.

First of all, iron staircase belongs to Victorian style. So, if you want to have a part of England in your house, you can bravely choose this material for your staircase. Different finishes available at the market now can be used.

Unique Iron Spiral Staircase

You can choose any diameter for your spiral staircase. It can be really wide, though too wide spiral staircases do not look very elegant. As for the color, black and grey are more preferable when speaking of Victorian style. Iron staircases can be used both inside a house and outside of it. This could be a surprise for you, but you can choose direction of your spiral staircase: it can be clockwise or counterclockwise. Choose the patterns of staircase railings yourself; with iron any pattern will look good. As for Victorian style, railings should necessarily be present. No matter what diameter, railing pattern or stair color you choose, we can tell for sure: choosing iron staircase you choose quality for your own life!

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