Choosing Rod Iron Stair Railing Correctly

Simple Rod Iron Stair Railing

There are a lot of opportunities for stair decorating. While making staircase railings of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and even precious stones can be used. What style can rod iron stair railing have?

If you are a fan of hi-tech style, strict railings will be perfect for you. They will underline the style of up-to-date facade of both a store and office building or dwelling house.

Rod Iron Stair Railing Idea

Nowadays rod iron stair railings with floral ornaments are popular. A hand-made grapevine of iron embracing the staircase will become a real zest of your house and make it stand out of the rest of the buildings.

When a staircase is made, a combination of iron and wood is usually used. Just iron is used very seldom. Metal and glass: in this variant rod iron railings are complemented with glassy insets and glassy steps. Iron staircase can also be decorated with marble or granite. Thus, it will look elegant and even luxurious. Of course, the final cost of such an item will be higher.

The price of rod iron stair railings totally depends on the picture intension, blacksmithing elements and their complexity, the construction in whole, installation quality, and additional materials: wood, glass, marble, granite, and others.

Solid Rod Iron Stair Railing

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