Stair Railing As a Very Important Element

Wrought Staircase Railings

Staircase railings mean really much, even if… they are absent. Nowadays there are a lot of stair railing designs. The style of the railing depends on the style of your house, a staircase itself, and your personal convenience.

This is really true that in many cases railings are just absent. It usually happens in a case when the staircase is made in minimalism style. But what variants of railings design still exist? Railings can be almost invisible or, on the contrary, be a focal point of the whole staircase.

Staircase Railings Country Style

As for the style and materials, they can be different. Wood always looks good, it can be used in various combinations and not only for classical style. For example, the handrail can be made of wood, but the guardrail can be totally glassy. The whole railing can be made of wood, in this case your staircase will seem to be more durable, though it does not suit minimalism at all. If you still stick to minimalism and would like to use wood for your stairs railing, make the railing thin and of one color.

Metal is also used in this case, for supporting structures particularly. Using both wood and metal you can combine modern style and contemporary style. If you want to make your staircase look interesting and catchy, use color and material contrasts. As you can see, staircase railing is a nice thing which can be both a functional structure and decoration of your house at the same time.

Black Staircase Railings

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