Staircase Can Be Beautiful and Convenient

Graceful Staircase Wall Design

Staircase is meant not only for connecting levels in your house. It is a sort of a visiting card of your home, an additional functional and decorative element. Staircase side wall designs are very popular now, since in this case you save space and materials. You just have to choose the style of your staircase regarding the style and size of your house.

What variants can be offered as staircase wall design ideas? There are a lot of them, starting with the simplest ones. As an option, a country style can be used. It presupposes wooden steps, for example. If the style of your house permits using country, don’t hesitate and try to fulfill this idea. As for some other variants, all-glass steps attached to a wall always look simple and fashionable at the same time. This staircase type could be good for a house in minimalistic style.

Spiral Staircase Side Design

Elegant wall staircases look good as well. Perhaps, you will need more space to make your staircase winding, with grand ornamental banisters. But if you have this space, you are lucky to choose among many variants.

Wall staircase can have various lengths. For instance, it can end right at the entrance to the house or be shorter and steeper. In addition, due to your wall staircase you can have additional space for storing things. Cabinets can be situated right inside the staircase. You could decorate them with different things according to your taste.

Staircase Wall With Glass Balustrade Design

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